Oily Skin – Its Condition and Treatment Methodology

There are many different types of skin, but for many the most troubling type is the one referred to as the Oily skin Type. Millions around the word suffer from this situation and is troubled daily as to the means by which this condition can be alleviated. There are three main types of skin; dry, oily and normal. In addition to these three, there are; combination and sensitive skin types. Knowing what type of skin you have is the first step towards taking the appropriate steps to dealing with the problem. For many oily skin types there is some confusion in whether they are of an oily skin type or the combination skin type. This can be determined easily by performing a simple blot test. The test goes as follows;

Blot Test image Oily Skin   Its Condition and Treatment Methodology

Oily Skin Results

If after concluding the test, there is oil all over the tissue, you have oily skin. If however you only see oil in the “T-zone” you most likely have combination skin.

The appearance of oily skin occurs all over the individual’s face, this gives a shiny or greasy appearance all over. The oil usually doesn’t occur immediately after washing one’s face but oiliness returns after an hour or two. The excess oils within the skin are due to overactive and enlarged oil glands called sebaceous hyperplasia. In some people these glands appear as yellow bumps which don’t go away. In addition to these, the excess oils contribute to blackheads and frequent blemishes. Pores are usually very visible a well.

As we can see, oily skin is not most welcomed; it’s uncomfortable, hard to deal with, and contributes to acne. For many this affliction has caused great strife and anxiety, not to mention having your self esteem diminish due to its negative contribution to appearance. The right approach is to use a proper regimen which is both logical and easy to carry out. Commitment to becoming a better you must also be present. A suggested program is presented below for dealing with oily skin and the effects which come with it.

Oily Skin Regimen 

Oily Skin Care Oily Skin   Its Condition and Treatment Methodology

Be free from oily skin

Cleanse 2/3 times daily. Use a Gel or foaming cleanser containing glycerin, alpha-hydroxy acids or betahydroxy acids. Gently massage using warm water as your solvent for 2 minutes. Pat dry and do not rub or wash more than needed.

If washing intermittently; morning, afternoon and nighttime doesn’t significantly assist; include after each wash an alcohol free toner.

Use SPF 15 – 30 sunscreen spray or gel when sun screening or an oil free moisturizer containing sunscreen.

Make sure to wash your hair regularly recommended; 2 times per week and avoid placing oily hair care products on. If you have to, make sure that the area near the forehead is free from oil and get in the habit f wearing your hair back from your face.

If you want to and can afford it you can also exfoliate monthly with clay or mud mask made for oily skin.

Whatever the situation may be right now, if you follow the steps outlined above rigorously, you will find that your condition will ease and the nagging problem of oily skin will abate.

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